Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Democrat Secretary Of State Miller Wants Voter ID

Ohhh, his Democrat buddies are not going to like this.
From the LVRJ: Spurred by many Nevadans complaining during this year's contentious elections that some people were voting illegally, Secretary of State Ross Miller said Tuesday he will sponsor a bill at the Legislature to require voter photo IDs.
Under his proposal that will be considered by lawmakers in 2013, the photos on residents' driver's licenses would be placed electronically with their voter registration records and in the poll books at election locations. People without any identification, but who are registered, would be required to have their pictures taken by poll workers and sign an affidavit that they are the person they represent the first time they vote.
Miller said Minnesota estimated it would cost $15 million to $20 million to implement a similar program, but legislators rejected the bill. Minnesota has twice the population of Nevada.
"There is a cost," Miller said. "It will cause some delays (in voting), and that will be part of the debate. But it is the way to do it. This will eliminate any opportunity for someone to impersonate some other person when you come to vote. This will eliminate any concerns about voter fraud."
Other than hearing people demand a voter ID program, Miller gave no reason or incidents of fraud that prompted him to propose his bill.  http://www.lvrj.com/news/miller-calls-for-voter-id-law-in-nevada-181034791.html
Miller is one of the good guys, Democrat or Republican and he could run for just about any office in Nevada- State of Federal- and win.
He has a good idea and I hope the Nevada state legislators will help him on this issue.
And then watch the Democrats beat up on Miller.

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