Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sister Wives Cameras Invade Las Vegas School

Freak Show Cast (minus the kids)
From Channel 13 News: The Clark County School District is facing scrutiny over a recent decision to allow reality TV cameras inside an elementary school.
The show, Sister Wives, airs on TLC and documents the life of a polygamist family. The family lives in Las Vegas and cameras were recently granted access to film at a Valentine's day dance at Sheila Tarr Elementary School.
Not all parents are thrilled with the decision.
"It just did not feel right," says parent Justin Doucette. "It felt like an invasion of privacy and frankly it's just creepy."
A letter notifying parents of the shoot was sent home just two days before the dance leaving them little time to stop it and ultimately they were unsuccessful.
"I had about a 20 minute conversation with Amanda. It concluded with her saying specifically she has the ability to stop this from happening and that she was choosing not to," says Doucette.
The Amanda he's speaking of is Amanda Fulkerson, chief communications officer for the school district.
"We air on the side of openness," says Fulkerson. "This school district is going to be transparent and open."
She claims to have weighed the decision carefully before giving it the green light and says the content of the program, featuring a polygamist family, was not for her to judge.
"I am not in the business of making judgment calls, especially based on religious beliefs," says Fulkerson. "That's not our job. My job was to evaluate the request. I found it to be incredibly reasonable."
Compromises were made.

Fulkerson says the reality crew agreed not to name the school and no one was filmed without consent.
"They spent a very small amount of time at the school and, in fact, they arrived early to the dance to get the footage that they needed," adds Fulkersonhttp://www.ktnv.com/news/local/139941223.html
I'm sorry but the CCSD screwed up. 
Sister Wives is a reality based show on a supposed polygamist, though he really isn't.  He married one time and has a bunch of girl friends and the man has 16 children.  For more information: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/sister-wives
Basically, Kody Brown is demanding that society accept his way of life.  Fine, but right now, this fool, Kody Brown, is doing everything to make people pissed off and that includes having TV cameras in elementary schools and at their dances.
If cameras are going to be present at a CCSD event, like a dance, each student attending needs to have a parent sign a permission slip saying that it is ok for the student to be videotaped.  If the parent doesn't agree, then the kid doesn't attend the event, plain and simple.
So, the Clark County School District district decided to side with this freak, Kody Brown, over the students at the elementary school where the dance took place.  This wasn't a question of transparency but a question of being on TV.  Some parents want their kids to be on TV while others don't.  Some government agencies in the Las Vegas area also want to be on TV.  CCSD likes being on TV, for good or bad and  CCSD sided with the kids who want to be on TV and that is a shame. 
Sister Wives could have survived without the cameras at the elementary school dance, but they, the show and the freak Kody Brown and his wife and girl friends, want to push their agenda.  CCSD has to hang it's head in shame for the choice they made- choosing a freak over the students.
How sad: Sister Wives don't let cameras where the supposed "wives" work but they want the cameras in an elementary school.  How sick is that?  And CCSD allowed this and that is a shame.

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