Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Muslim Funeral Home Under Construction Burns, Collins Makes an Ass Of Himself

Very early this morning, a funeral home catering to Muslims that was under construction burned down today and Tom Collins, Clark County Commissioner made an ass of himself.
From the LVRJ: A fire that destroyed a construction site for a planned Muslim cemetery and funeral home Wednesday morning was a disappointing setback for the local Islamic community.
"Certainly the community was looking forward to it," said Dr. Aslam Abdullah, director of the Islamic Society of Nevada....
Clark County fire investigators did not release an official cause for the blaze as of Wednesday afternoon. The fire started about 1 a.m. at 4425 E. Cartier Ave., near Lamb Boulevard and Carey Avenue in northeast Las Vegas.
Authorities would not say whether the fire was a hate crime but acknowledged that was being investigated.
"Given the religion that's involved, we just want to make sure there's no implications," said Clark County Fire Chief Bertral Washington....
About 60 firefighters from multiple agencies worked to put out the two-alarm fire that engulfed the building. There were no injuries.
Officials from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also were investigating because of the site's religious connection. The FBI also was involved, a county spokesman said.
Abdullah said the mortuary was estimated to cost between $1.5 million and $2 million and was about halfway done. The frame of the building had been completed, and only plastering and the interior were left unfinished. The building was a complete loss, he said.
So, the future funeral home for Muslims burns down, was it arson?  No one knows.  But that didn't stop Tom Collins from making an ass of himself: Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins, who represents the area of the fire, issued a statement: “First, I would like to thank the 60 firefighters who battled this fire and express my relief that no one was injured. ... I am very concerned about what happened here. I have full faith and confidence in the investigators from the Clark County Fire Department and our partnering agencies to determine what caused this fire.”
So, Collins is very concerned what happened there.  What happened , Tom?  It was a fire that no one knows how it started.  Was it arson, perhaps.  But do we know who started it, if it was arson?  Maybe it was a hate crime, but why now?  It also could have been done for insurance money- construction had been halted for some time.  We don't know, but Collins makes it sound like something sinister happened but has no facts to back it up.
It is also interesting that the Las Vegas Sun basically killed this article from it's front web page and news sections.  ?You had to dig for the story from the Sun.  Could it be that the Sun is owned by Brian "The Coward" Greenspun, who is one of the biggest Jewish leaders in town, could it be that is the reason why the Sun hid the story?
Anyways, if it was arson and if it was done by someone who hates the Muslim religion, then that's not right.  I don't care for the Muslim religion, but you don't act Muslims do in the Middle East- act like hoodlums and thugs  We are more civilized than that.  But I doubt that it was a hate crime because why would they burn it now?  There was no construction going on and it's not like it would have opened in the next few months.  It just doesn't make sense.
And to Tom Collins, just shut your mouth because when you open it, you sound like an idiot.

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