Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Guy Named Biff?

Wow, never thought I would see two people named Biff.  From the Las Vegas Sun: A Utah man who police say threatened to assassinate Gov. Gary Herbert is now facing multiple felony charges.
Brian Biff Baker was charged Friday in Salt Lake City's 3rd District Court with felony counts of drug and weapons possession, along with a misdemeanor count of threatening elected officials.
Court records show no hearings are set in the case.
The 52-year-old Baker is being held in the Salt Lake County jail. Bail is set at $25,007.
It was not immediately clear whether Baker had an attorney.
Court papers say Baker was conducting surveillance on the Governor's Mansion in Salt Lake City.
The records also say Baker had sent text messages to a friend stating that he was lying in the bushes and intended to kill the governor.
He was caught when he landed in a manure pile like the other guy named Biff:

The two also seem to be about as smart as each other as well.

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