Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GOP Gets Snookered By Democrats

Watch out, GOP and Catholic leaders and other leaders of other denominations, you are about to be streamrolled by the Democrats.  From the Las Vegas Sun: For the past two weeks, the hot issue on the campaign trail has been contraception and whether or not religious institutions opposed to it should be obliged to offer their employees coverage in their health care plans.
Sen. Harry Reid has agreed to allow vote on the contraception question, he said Tuesday, in the form of an amendment to a transportation bill the Senate is considering. It was written by Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, and essentially seeks to establish in law what Republicans in Congress and on the campaign trail have been calling for: a unfettered ability, on the part of religious institutions, to opt out of covering anything they find religiously or morally objectionable as part of an employer-sponsored health care plan.
Last Friday, as President Barack Obama was pivoting to amend his position on covering birth control that had ignited the controversy, especially in the Catholic community, Blunt chided the president for flying in the face of the constitution.  http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2012/feb/14/reid-says-hell-allow-senate-vote-contraception-cov/
Crybaby Harry Reid is going to try and hoodwink the Catholics on this bill and just as the Catholic leaders don't trust Obama, they also should not trust Crybaby Reid and neither should the Republicans.
While the amendment was written by Sen. Blunt of Missouri, the bill still has to pass the House and signed by Obama.  There is no guarantee that this will happen.  There is a possibility the Dem's will filibuster this bill before there is a vote.  If the Senate does pass the bill,  it has to be reconciled with the House and there is no guarantee that this will happen, depending on the wording of the bill and cost of the ttransportation bill.  What happens if the transportation is loaded with pork and very expensive.  Does the GOP accept a horrible transportation bill but accept the religious/insurance portion of the bill?  Sounds like that may happen.
However, Reid is right, there should be a single bill on this subject.  By doing this, the GOP are giving Obama and the Democrats a way out on this issue.  Obama probably will hide behind this bill instead standing up for his position.  Once again, the GOP have been snookered by the Democrats.
But the the Las Vegas Sun has quite a problem today.  The Sun, the very liberal "newspaper" of Las Vegas has to decide who to support in the battle of abortion insurance that President Obama is fighting with religious leaders.
They have to decide whether to support Crybaby Harry Reid, who is going to allow a vote on the issue and President Obama, who favors the Catholic Church to pay for abortion and contraceptives, despite the fact they morally oppose the two.
So, it was up to Karoun Demirjian to write the article and let's see how she feels:  Ok, so far, not too bad.  But here is how Demirjian really feels about the issue:
Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller has made similar statements in the last week, penning a message to Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius to tell her “the federal government does not have the right to tell religious groups to provide a service that violates their faith.”
But what is to some a threat to faith is to another a threat to a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body.
Planned Parenthood -- an abortion provider, is no favorite of Republicans, but is one of the nation’s largest providers of women’s health services -- called on lawmakers to oppose the amendment, to protect the idea “that women, regardless of where they work, should have access to health insurance that covers preventive health care, including birth control, with no co-pays.”
Mind you, this is a news story, not an opinion piece, but the ethic less and the seemingly crack smoking writer thinks it is ok to her opinion into the news article.
That is essentially what Obama tried to guarantee Friday without upsetting religious authorities when he tweaked his position -- that religious institutions would have to allow women to access birth control under their health care plans -- to ensure that women would still be able to access the care, but the insurance company, not the religious institution, would be required to bear the cost of it.
Really, Karoun?  That is is what Obama tried to do?  Are you in Obama's mind?  Again, this is just opinion and it may be a fantasy opinion at best.  Obama has shown himself to be anti-Catholic and the Catholic Bishops are not buying what Obama is saying, but apparently, Demirjian is.
But here is the comedy line of the article, from Crybaby Reid:
That is the sort of compromise Democratic leaders are hoping Senate Democrats will strike when they vote on the amendment this week. But as Reid sees it, this controversial issue is part of a more endemic problem. Reid complained Tuesday that amendments like the contraception question raise “issues that have nothing to do with the highway bill” and only clog up the legislative process on matters, such as the surface transportation measure the Senate is considering, that are important.
Reid is the master of combining bills together.  He has been doing this in the Senate since he became the minority leader and now majority leader.  And now crybaby Reid is crying?  What a poor soul- dementia addled mind of Crybaby Reid, forgetting all the bills that he has allowed for a vote that had different parts and amendments on it. 
So, look out GOP, you had a chance to put Obama on the ropes and you blew it.  You are going to allow Obama and the Democrats to live and fight another day.
I've always said, if the GOP was smart enough.... and today we find out, they are not smart enough.

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