Friday, February 24, 2012

Bill Raggio, Dean Of Nevada Politics Passes Away

From the Reno Gazette Journal: Everyone has a funny Bill Raggio story, one of the legacies of a life well-lived.
Raggio’s sense of humor and his quips from the floor of the Nevada Senate, the podium of a local service club, the home of a neighbor, or around a table at the Gold ‘N Silver or Coney Island are the stuff of legend.
He was one of a kind – a beloved politician in a day when the term seems to be an oxymoron.
He was a funny, caring, gracious, loving man,” said Clair Clift, who spent 10 years as Secretary of the Senate. “(He) wasn’t pompous or arrogant. He was a people’s man. We were his concern. I am truly grateful and blessed for having known this great Nevadan on both a professional and personal level.”
As Nevadans mourned the news of the longtime Republican leader’s death on Friday, they also shared some of their favorite humorous remembrances of one of Reno’s favorite sons.|defcon|text|FRONTPAGE
I obviously got to know about Raggio in only his last couple of years in the Nevada Senate and to be perfectly honest, I was not very impressed.  He was a RINO and like to work with the other the Democrats. That may have worked during the most of his career, but not now.
But I am grateful for his contributions to Nevada throughout his career and life and Nevada lost a good man.

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