Friday, February 17, 2012

Liberal Hatred In Action

Is there anything worse than liberal hatred?  I'm not sure there is, especially after reading this:
I happened to see a Facebook post put up by Mark Finnegan. Mark and his family run Finnegan’s RV, but he and his brother John are best known in recent years for the outstanding VetsRoll program. The project has taken hundreds of World War II and Korea Era veterans, all expenses paid, to Washington to view the war memorials and receive the honors they so richly deserve. It’s one of the best and most selfless efforts in our area, which is why the Finnegans received last year’s Beloit Daily News Laurence A. Raymer Headliner Award.
Mark was an invited guest at the Republicans’ Lincoln Day Dinner. He wasn’t there to be political. As Mark noted, “I go to great lengths to remain politically neutral.” He was there strictly to tell the group about the VetsRoll program.
He brought three others with him: “I had three honored guests with me, a WWII veteran who arrived by himself, plus an 87-year-old (I believe) WWII Navy WAVE (female veteran) and my own 86-year-old mother, a ‘Rosie-the-Riveter’ during WWII.”
I SHOULD NOTE here that Mark did not seek out the newspapers’ attention. He posted on Facebook; I saw it; I contacted him. This is a story that needs telling.
Mark said as they arrived he saw a crowd of “boisterous” protesters, “with a few even laying down on the ground in front of the doors to disrupt guests from entering. As I escorted my WAVE guest through the crowd, we were met with an onslaught of profanity, boos, taunting and a childish, obnoxious guy with a bullhorn.”
From that point, it got worse.
“After I guided her safely inside, I went back out to meet my arriving mother and to escort her through this intimidating group. Someone in the group recognized who I was and immediately the crowd began a chant of ‘Boycott Finnegans’ RV Center!’ ... I met my mother and convinced her that these people were simply expressing their ‘rights’ and that she would be safe. She somewhat reluctantly agreed to walk in. ... As we tried to walk through the group again, these people (not kids, mostly in their 40s to 60s) continued to focus their boycott chant on our family name and business of 43 years, crowding, screaming and booing not only me, but my beloved 86-year-old mother. The moron with the bullhorn walked beside us while leading the ‘Boycott Finnegans’ chant with that thing only about 12 inches from my ear and that of my mother’s.”
How much of a loser do you have to be to go out an boo and swear at veterans and old ladies?  These are the face of liberals these days- a bunch of hate filled buffoons.  Who are they going to pick on next?  The mentally disabled?  Ooops, they already have done that when a bunch of thugs went after Scott Walker and Special Olympians in Wisconsin.
Liberals: you own these thugs- the thugs who pick on the mentally disabled, veterans and old ladies.  I hope you are proud of yourselves.

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