Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why I Don't Care About The Latest Hillary Scandal

Yeah, the latest Hillary scandal is pretty serious, when she hides classified material, including Top Secret materials on her server at her home.  Lesser people have gone to jail or at least probation.  And who knows how many spies have hacked into her server?
But let's face it:
The Republicans, especially conservatives, don't like her and we will not vote for her.
The democrats and liberals don't care.  She could rape a puppy while killing Rush Limbaugh while doing crack and the liberals and Democrats justify what she did and vote for her.
And the non-educated voter will go  'Huh?" and keep on watching Jimmy Kimmel for the news.
So, even though there is another Clinton scandal, it is nothing new and I just won't get all worked up about it because nothing will change.

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