Thursday, August 13, 2015


Who says reading is unimportant.
From the Havre Daily News:
Krissa Kirby was in for a big surprise when she arrived at her home on the 800 Block of 6th Ave. after work Tuesday afternoon.
The roofing of her home was torn off, the lawn was strewn with roof material and marks were left on her lawn and her freshly painted deck.
That was odd because her roof on her home - unlike others in the area - sustained no damage in the July 4 hail and wind storm. She knew nothing of people repairing her roof.
She called Havre police, who soon arrived to investigate.
Then she heard a pounding sound one block away, whereworkers from Ridgeway Construction LLC were working on the roof one block away on 5th Ave.
The workers had gone to the wrong home and removed the wrong roof. They read instructions wrong. They thought they were to go to 813 6th Ave.
"I was astounded," said Kirby, a doctor of psychology at Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation.
"I came home and my roof was off, and my lawn was a mess," she said.
She said while police were at her home Julie Ridgeway, the company's owner, arrived at the scene.
Kirby said Ridgeway told her that her company would put a new roof on the home with a 40-year guarantee and would mow the grass but denied she was to blame for other problems on the lawn - grass driven on, the deck damaged or other difficulties.
"She was hardly apologetic, " Kirby said. "She said she would mow the grass, but nothing else."

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