Friday, August 28, 2015

More Evidence Liberal Politicians Are Mentally Ill

All the county supervisors in Clark County (Las Vegas area) are democrats.
All the county supervisors in Nye County (Pahrump and is located next to Clark County) are Republicans.
From the
Pahrump Valley Times:
Clark County is fed up with Las Vegans firing off illegal fireworks on Independence Day and they have plans to curb the banned items, which includes possibly targeting Nye County.
At the Aug. 18 Clark County Board of Commissioners meeting in Las Vegas the subject was spoken on by various board members, fire officials, police and others.
"This past Fourth of July was pretty ridiculous," Commissioner Lawrence Weekly said. "Don't get me wrong here, I love a good fireworks show. But when it gets down to a point where the neighborhood firework shows become better than the Grucci shows at Cashman Field or over on the Las Vegas strip, there's a problem.
"Especially when the fireworks shows continue at two and three in the morning."
Commissioner Larry Brown explained that he believes targeting areas selling the illegal items is the way to curb usage in Las Vegas.
"Do any other counties sell them or just Nye County, I guess what I am getting at here is the enforcement," Brown said. "Trying to get to the source, signage might be part of it, but if there are ways we can get to the source of the sale. I'm not sure if that's opening dialogue with the tribe, or opening up dialogue with Nye County Commission.
"I don't see the purpose of allowing these in any county if they're illegal here. I'd at least take a look at trying to identify where they're coming from… I'd be interested in if we can start attacking the source point of sales."
Taking a similar stance, Commissioner Steve Sisolak wondered why fireworks illegal elsewhere were available for purchase over the hump.
"If we could reach out to Pahrump and see why they allow this. Is this a revenue thing that they allow this for," Steve Sisolak said. "They've gotta be having the same problems as us."
Nye County Commissioner Frank Carbone said that no one from Clark County has reached out to him yet, but did mention that the monetary benefit of selling fireworks is key to allowing their sale.
"The only thing bad about it is that if they wanted us to stop selling them they would have to come up with something to make up the revenue," Carbone said. "That would be great (to ban the fireworks), but that is a significant amount of revenue that would be lost and I would be wondering if they would be willing to make up the difference."
If Clark County has a problem with the legal fireworks that come from Pahrump, then Clark County needs to shut up and enforce their laws.
And I am pretty sure Nye County has many problems with Clark County and their ilk that comes to Pahrump, Tonopath and other smaller cities.
Like all the drugs that come from Las Vegas.
Like all the people coming from Vegas going to the brothels but then cause all sort of problems.
But how dare the stupid liberals try to dictate the laws in a neighboring county run by conservatives.
I thought liberals were for freedom of choice(See abortion)
Well why doesn't Clark County allow the fireworks that are legal in Pahrump be sold in Clark County?
Give Clark County citizens the freedom of choice.
Well, maybe liberals don't believe in choice, unless it involves killing babies.

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