Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Still Like Scott Walker For President, But....

I am starting to take Donald Trump seriously.
Remember, Ronald Reagan was not well liked the first time he ran for president, just losing in the primaries against Gerald Ford.  The next time, Reagan won the nomination and won in a land slide.
And I believe history repeats itself many times over.
Reagan was an actor and so is Trump, so they both know how to handle the media.
Both ran in the GOP primaries and both lost time before.
The liberals talk down about Trump and his supporters, thinking his supporters are just a bunch of trailer trash morons.  Same with Reagan.
The GOP establishment strongly dislikes Trumps, as they did Reagan.
Both Reagan and Trump really don't care what the media and talking heads say about them and their ideas.
Both were successful in their private lives.
Both chose to get into politics after, or in Trumps' case during, into presidential politics after being in the private sector for a substantial period of time.
and the comparisons can go on.
So, even though I think Gov. Scott Walker is the best candidate out there, I think Trump is a very close 2nd and gaining and he would kick the Democrat nominee's butt pretty easily, probably like 45 states to 5 states in the national election.

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