Thursday, August 20, 2015

Senile Harry Reid's Shameful Day

This is just shocking, even for Reid.
From the Reno Gazette Journal:
Nevada U.S. Sen. Harry Reid offered his condolences to the family of slain Carson City Deputy Carl Howell at the latter’s memorial service Thursday.
“He had to give his life for a domestic violence and it’s such a shame,” he said.
Reid said he empathized with the police grieving for Howell since he used to be a member of the force himself.
“That’s how I put myself through law school,” he said. “I didn’t do anything very dangerous. Directed traffic was the worst.”
“With all the negativity you hear directed toward police officers, it’s a situation like this that brings to my mind how dangerous it is,” he continued. “Every day of their lives is a question of if they are going to get killed or not.”
So, during the officer's funeral, Reid tried to make it about himself.
What an ass.

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