Friday, August 28, 2015

Umm, My Sympathy is at the Zero Mark

From the Arizona Central:
A detainee who last month accused officials of providing inadequate medical care at the privately run Eloy immigration-detention center has been placed in a monthlong solitary confinement.
An immigrant-rights group and the detainee’s wife said the punishment is for speaking out to the media. The wife also said he was accused of trying to organize a strike.
A federal immigration official confirmed that 38-year-old detainee Juan Miguel Cornejo has been placed in “protective custody” in his own cell, segregated from other detainees. But the official vehemently denied the allegation that Cornejo was being isolated in retaliation for complaining about medical conditions at Eloy.
“That is absolutely, emphatically not true,” said Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe, a spokeswoman for the Phoenix office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “We don’t penalize people for talking to the media.”
She declined to say why Cornejo was placed in protective custody.
Cornejo was previously deported to Mexico four times. He has been detained since May pending the outcome of his deportation case in Immigration Court after he tried to re-enter the U.S. at the Nogales port of entry, according to ICE.
During an interview at the Eloy facility, he told The Arizona Republic that he had complained to detention officers that he had a fever but he waited nearly three hours before being allowed to see a nurse or receive medicine.
Aww, poor baby, he didn't get a Tylenol when he demanded.
This illegal thug has been deported 4 times to Mexico.  Instead of being placed in isolation, they should have deported his ass to Antarctica to ensure he would not come back any time soon.
And if we could not have deported him immediately, then  have no problem having him in isolation for 20 years as he is a 4 time criminal and has shown no respect for the United States.
And if his wife is an illegal, get rid of her.
and if they had anchor baby rugrats, either deport their asses or allow them to stay with a legal relative.
But this is one reason why people dislike illegals- they break the law and then if they have a little owie, this thug demands we treat him better than legal citizens.

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