Monday, August 24, 2015


President Obama is in Las Vegas to discuss clean and green energy.
You know, all those bad things that cause the hoax called global warming/climate change.
So, let's see how Obama has decided to address this hoax of an issue:
He flies from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas, a flight of about 5 hours, at a cost of about $200,000 an hour.
He then lands in Vegas and takes about 25 car/van motorcade across the street from the airport to Mandalay Bay.
He then takes said motorcade from the hotel/casino to a home in Henderson to do something unremarkable.
Then the same motorcade then goes onto Lake of Las Vegas, a drive of at least 10 miles, where he will spend the night banging his girlfriend/mistress.
The next day, he helicopters back to the airport in at least 2 helicopters and another group of cars also head back to the airport.
Then he flies off to another location, maybe back to D.C. to say to Michelle, I love you but you are 2nd best.
All this to promote clean and green energy all to combat the hoax global warming/climate change.
Irony or stupidity or he could not care that he looks like a total POS.

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