Friday, August 28, 2015

Liberal Media Shuts Down Hillary Comments

The Las Vegas Sun is an extremely liberal news rag that depends on the conservative, becoming more liberal, Las Vegas Review Journal, on it's survival.  For instance, the Sun doesn't publish it's hard copy of the paper, the LVRJ does and the Sun depends of the LVRJ to have it's several day old news rag to be delivered.  The Sun rag is tucked inside the LVRJ while LVRJ employees and contractors deliver the paper.
Anyways, to show you how scared the liberal media is when it comes to Clinton's presidential run, the liberal rag, the Las Vegas "I'll stand print everything we agree with but won't print the opposite views" Sun has decided that on articles, at least today, will not allow reader comments on the possibility.  Here is an example:
That's right, the liberal news rag, does not trust it's readers with their comments and they are afraid of Clinton dissent.
But this should not surprise anyone because the editor, a member of the Las Vegas Badger Hall of Shame, the coward and chickenshit, Brian "Coward: Greenspun, usually will not allow comments on his editorial, "From Where I Stand" because he is afraid and is a coward of dissenting opinion.
So, this will probably spread to other liberal media as they know they have a terrible presidential candidate in the Hildabeast, and like newspapers Nazi Germany, they will regulate what they want their readers to read and not allow dissenting opinion.
Heil! Brian Greenspun.

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