Saturday, August 28, 2010

Casey and Heather= Dorks

I was listening to the Heather Kydd and Casey Hendrickson show on KDOX 1280 on Friday for the first time, and to say I was disappointed, is an understatement.
First, there was their constant push for listeners to go to their Facebook page. Why, I have no idea.
Bu the most irritating piece was how Heather and Casey were praising Harry Reid for bringing in a VA hospital to Las Vegas and they made it sound like there was no VA care or hospital in the Valley and that just is false.
Just to let you know, Casey and Heather, there is a big VA hospital across the street from Nellis AFB, named the O'Callahan hospital and it can be used for active duty and is a VA hospital.
Stop praising Reid for bringing in a VA hospital to the Valley when all he is doing is expanding an existing hospital.
Maybe, Heather and Casey, you need to check your facts before speaking.
And you call yourselves conservatives. Sheesh!


  1. You didn't listen very long at all. We plugged Facebook (for the live chat during the show) once at the beginning of the show, and once later.

    We were making fun of Reid for lying about securing funds for the hospital, and we were asking where he was all of these years that the project has been delayed.

    We then went on to criticize Berkley for constantly making an issue over the hospital for all these years.

    We'll 'check our facts' as long as you promise to not form a conclusion incorrectly after only four minutes of listening.

  2. Casey, I did get that point, but you were also praising Reid for his commercial about the hospital.
    I did listen more than four minutes, more like over an hour. If you can't catch me in an hour, then so be it.
    And remember, I defended you when you got fired from that other station.
    I'll try and listen longer and form another opinion.
    Thank you for stopping by.