Friday, July 7, 2017

Kingman Kmart Closing

Well, this sucks for me and about 50 other people.
The Kingman Kmart is closing about October 1st. The reason, of course, is bad sales.
I work at the Kmart and the only reason we stayed open were tourists passing through in Route 66 and truckers because we have a truck stop next store.
Another reason for the shut down are the managers from corporate down to the store managers.  We had nothing in stock that people wanted and many times items that are damaged are put on the shelves.  Store managers, while nice, were in fear of the district manager and above and they were having us do stupid things like set up a shelf a certain way and the next day, gave the shelf or area be completely redone.
The district manager, a moron named Bob is the most at fault. Within a month, he has had 3 of his stores shut down. Not exactly a sign of competence.  And the a-hole didn't even have the balls to tell us in person.
Also, the Kingman Kmart just didn't connect to our community.  They never donated items to charity nor donate money to charities.
Now, about 50 people will be out of a job. While some are retirees and others have a another part time, like myself, the vast majority desperately need this job.
I will be OK because I work part time at Home Depot and my hours can increase. Others cannot.
So, more incompetence by Kmart managers lead to another Kmart closing.

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