Sunday, July 2, 2017

Why The Media Are Not Professionals

The following jobs are jobs where you either need a college degree or be licensed:
Police officers, paramedics, firefighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses, CNAs, x-ray technologists, truck drivers, food handlers, bartenders, hookers in brothels in Nevada, teachers, teacher assistants, real estate agents, CPAs, priests, ministers, plumbers, carpenters, iron workers, architects, social workers, bus drivers, surveyors, building inspectors, dieticians, corrections officer, mortician, chef, waiter/waitress, school administrators, bus drivers, barber, hair stylists, 911 operators and dispatchers, cab drivers, hospital and nursing home administrators, veterinarian and techs, military officers, ship's captains, lawyer, paralegal, heavy equipment operator and the list goes on and on.
Missing from this list?
The media including supposed journalists, writers, editors, TV show hosts, bloggers and talk radio hosts, they don't need any kind of formal education nor are they licensed.
Koko the gorilla is no more a journalist than racist and alleged plagerist Shaun King of the NY Daily News.
So, to be blunt, someone who works for the media are not professionals and never have been.

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