Monday, July 24, 2017

John McCain Needs To Resign

U.S. Senator, John McCain is my Senator and he needs to go and go quickly.  No, I don't mean die from his brain tumor but go quickly as in resigning from the U.S. senate.
McCain, everyone says, is a war hero.  Ok, I will give you that.  He served honorably during the Vietnam war and was captured and tortured in a North Vietnam POW prison camp and suffered serious, permanent injuries.
However, since he returned and has been in Congress, he has been a disaster for the State of Arizona and the United States.
McCain has been in Congress since 1982, a total of 35 years.  No matter who you are, 35 years in Congress is way too much time to serve and serve effectively.
He ran for president in 2008 and did a horrible job.
The man is almost 81 years old and it is time for him to move on.
He had a primary challenger in 2016, a fine lady named Kelli Ward, who also is challenging our other lame brained senator, Jeff Flake, and Kelli Ward would be a better senator than either McCain or Flake as she is a true conservative...
Which brings me to the real reason why McCain needs to resign.
He is a horrible, horrible Senator.
Arizona is one of the most conservative states int he United States and McCain hates conservatives.
McCain hates President Donald Trump (and I am sure, if you really got Trump to speak honestly, I am sure Trump feels the same way about McCain).
McCain undermines most GOP congresscritters and their proposed laws.
McCain wants to go to war with every country he disagrees with.  If he had his way, we would be fighting about 15 wars right now.
McCain just doesn't have a sound mind, that is before he was even diagnosed with his brain tumor.
The far left media love McCain because he is anti-GOP and anti-conservative.
McCain cares nothing about his constituents, especially veterans.  The biggest VA scandals are in Arizona, his home state, supposing he still lives here, which I doubt.  McCain and his family own about 8 houses/condos, according to Politico.
In short, McCain is a horrible Senator and with his ramining days, he should do some good and spend them with family and not in the senate.
John McCain needs to resign.
And when he goes, Kelli Ward should replace him.

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