Monday, July 24, 2017

Minneapolis Muslim Cop Shooting Update

Terrorist Cop?

Here is an update to the police shooting in which a muslim police officer shot an unarmed woman in her pajamas after she called 911 to report a possible case of assault.

Well, basically, there is no update.
We still don't know what happened.
The muslim officer is refusing to talk to investigators.
His partner has said they were startled by a loud noise but he was shocked that the muslim officer fired his weapon.
The police chief said that the victim didn't have to die (no kidding) and then she, the chief, was fired.
No recordings of the shooting either through the dash cam or officer cameras was found.
There have been no real protests of the shooting by the usual thugs in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.  Could that be that the officer was black and the victim white?
Why haven't the Fed's opened up an investigation yet?

I am leaning more to the theory that this was a terrorist attack that is being covered up by the powers in Minneapolis than an accidental shooting or justified shooting.
If this was an accidental or justified shooting, the public would have been made aware of the facts of the case within days of the shooting but there are no facts that have been put out by the cops.
Why isn't the muslim cop talking to investigators and has lawyered up?  If he is innocent, he has nothing to hide?  If a civilian did the shooting, they would be under arrest by now.
Again, there is a cover up going on with this shooting by the mayor, former and current police chief, the media who are not asking the hard questions and others in power in Minneapolis.  They city probably will pay out a few millions to the victim's family to keep them quiet and then the story will go away quietly and a possible terrorist attack will be swept under the table by a liberal city government.

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