Monday, July 24, 2017

Yeah, Not Me

From the NY Post: Conservative: Stop Enjoying Life, Say Greenies
The “Merchants of Misery — a k a climate scientists — are working overtime to shame you about all the pleasures you’re enjoying this summer and how your selfish indulgences will cause the planet’s demise,” warns Julie Kelly at National Review. Two new studies list “many of the sacrifices you should make to reduce your carbon footprint,” including having one fewer child. Other suggestions “include eating a plant-based diet, living car-free and avoiding air travel,” and even “keeping backyard chickens, letting your lawn grow longer, and hanging your clothes outside to dry.” So your life “should look something like this: stuck at home without a car, washing laundry in cold water and then clipping it on a clothesline while chasing down chickens and preparing locally grown vegetables for dinner.”
When I see rich liberals doing this, like a Johnny Depp, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton nd ex-president Obama, I may reconsider doing this but not until they do.

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