Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Don't Buy Total Wireless/Verizon Cell Phones/Plans

Today, after losing my other Tracphone, I purchased a cheap phone ($20 on sale) from Total Wireless.  I bought this because I get a whole lot more data and unlimited text and talk for $35 a month and an extra 3 GB of data for $10, which is really good compared to Tracphone which is $10 for 1GB.
So, I try to set up the phone from home, thinking, it shouldn't be any problems.
They give you a phone number to call to activate the phone and purchase the plans.
I call the phone and all it is are advertisements for different rip off companies and after listening for 15 minutes, I get to the end and then they say that the phone number I called doesn't work in my calling area and they gave me a new phone number to call.
So, I call that same number and I get the same advertisements from the previous number and they turn around and tell me this phone doesn't work and call the number I first called.
Going in circles and circles.
So, I had to go to the library and go on their web site and activate the phone.
And of course, the phone died.
More circles.
Total Wireless is owned by Verizon so I wouldn't trust Verizon and their plans and phone any further than I can throw the fat lady from the circus.
So, you can buy Total Wireless and go in circles and circles.
Or buy a phone and plan from some other reputable company.
So, in honor of of all the circles, Total and Verizon, here is a video from the late great Harry Chapin and Circle:

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