Thursday, July 13, 2017

The New McDonalds??

From the Leicester (UK) Mercury: A McDonald's restaurant in Leicestershire is set to introduce table service as part of a major store revamp.
Hungry customers will also be able to place their order at a digital kiosk and surf the web on free to use tablets.
The fast food joint in Lountside, Ashby, is set to create between 25 and 30 jobs in the digital makeover.

The fast food place is introducing the following:
  • Four self-order kiosks - which will also allow customers to personalise their meals
  • Table service
  • New digital menu boards
  • Introduction of in-store tablets
  • Improving the staff room
The franchise owner said that these changes will also lead to more staff in front of the counter to help people use the self-order kiosks and digital menus.

I've tried a fast food kiosk once and failed miserably and will never try it again.
So, if you get table service, do you tip the server?

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