Monday, March 5, 2012

I Bet He Really Regrets This Advise, If He Could

From the Havre Daily News: The night before the attack, campground personnel gave Wallace a lecture about food storage and bear safety when he arrived at the Canyon Village campground. Wallace said that "he did not need to hear that information and that he was a 'grizzly bear expert,'" the report said.
A sign posted at the Mary Mountain trailhead warned hikers that they were entering bear country, recommended carrying bear spray and recommended against hiking alone.
And the consequence of his actions? 
Wallace stopped on the side of the Mary Mountain Trail in Hayden Valley, about eight miles from where Matayoshi was attacked on the Wapiti Trail, according to the report. It was probably morning, because Wallace's lunch was found uneaten.
Wallace appears to have taken off his daypack and may have been snacking on an energy bar when he was attacked.
Bite marks on his hand and arm indicate that Wallace tried to fight back, but he was not carrying bear spray.
A father and daughter hiking along the trail the next morning found Wallace's body partially on the trail and partially buried next to the trail "consistent with the food caching behavior of a bear," the report said.
Always follow the advice of park rangers at Yellowstone or you just might up as Bear Chow.

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