Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Person Who Is Most responsible For Ted's Cruz's Loss

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Mark Levin is a huge reason why Ted Cruz lost, especially in the past few weeks.
Levin is a conservative talk show host, even more conservative than Rush Limbaugh and he went all in with Cruz right around the New Hampshire primary.
This is also the time that Levin was bought off by Cruz, when Cruz's PAC's started to advertise on Levin's show, essentially buy Levin's love.  Levin was bribed by Cruz and then Levin went all in with Cruz, to the absurd. 
Levin repeated all the talking points the Left was saying about Trump.
Levin accused Trump of being a bully, even though that is Levin's trademark- being a bully against liberals.
He fully supported all the dirty tricks Cruz's campaign did in the GOP elections.
Levin spent almost all of his 3 hours on the air propping up Levin, basically ignoring the rest of the issues of the day.
While Levin was trashing Trump, he basically ignored Hillary Clinton, making many us wondering if Levin will support Hillary for president.
And Levin insulted all of Trump supporters, which some are his listeners.
So, congratulations to Mark Levin for helping to bring down Ted Cruz.
Update: From Breitbart:
Talk radio host Mark Levin, who has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz, blasted the Fox News Channel as “not a news channel” and a “Donald Trump super PAC” that will be “rubbing their own faces in their own feces” after the GOP gets “our a**es kicked in the general election” on Tuesday.
Levin began by saying to the Fox News Channel, “You’re not a news channel anymore. You’re the Fox Channel.”
He then turned to that day’s tiff between Trump and Cruz, and criticized the FNC program “Outnumbered” for not giving the context of the fight between the two, that Trump had accused Cruz’s father of being linked to JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. He further said that, according to a friend of his who contacted him,  another program, “The Five,” didn’t bring up Trump’s Oswald-Rafael Cruz theory until over 20 minutes past the hour. Levin continued, “Donald Trump is bringing up a National Enquirer story that accuses Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, of being in cahoots, in one way or another, with Lee Harvey Oswald.” Levin further stated that, according to his source, “several of the people on ‘The Five’ thought this was hilarious. As a matter of fact, they were defending the National Enquirer. … That’s why it’s not the Fox News Channel, it’s the Fox Channel, and the Donald Trump super PAC.”
He then stated, “They may be laughing today, but they’re going to be rubbing their own faces in their own feces, I’ll tell you that, after this general election, because they have humiliated themselves.” Levin also criticized the “Fox & Friends” anchors for not challenging Trump’s Oswald-Rafael Cruz link based on a National Enquirer story.
Levin also declared, “We’re going to get our a**es kicked in the general election, ladies and gentleman. That’s the trajectory. Maybe it’ll change, but likely, it will not.” Levin elaborated that Trump’s comments about women, and the Oswald-Cruz theory wouldn’t play well, and that Trump was “limping” across the finish line to the nomination.  http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/05/03/levin-fnc-a-trump-super-pac-theyll-be-rubbing-their-own-faces-in-their-own-feces-after-the-general/

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