Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Power Of The Internet

I don't shock easily but blew mind.
Today, at school, I was attacked by a special needs student with a violent history. I got a bit banged up but the kid did not harm any students or staff.  Not a big deal for me, it's happened a few times in my 19 year career.
What blew my mind was that even before the altercation had ended, the incident was on Facebook, Havasu Scanner Feed and being broadcast via Internet around the country.  A former colleague who lived in Virginia called a teacher before the incident ended, wondering what was going on.  An aide who was out sick informed a teacher at school what was happening and they came and helped because she read about on Facebook.
It just blows my mind that while was fighting with this, getting punched and kicked that it already was over the Internet for all to see.

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