Saturday, March 2, 2013

Now They Have A Fire Department Drone

Soon, fire departments across the country could have an eye in the sky thanks to an emerging market of camera-equipped, unmanned aircraft -- also known as drones -- designed for the fire service.
Last week, Monrovia, Calif.-based AeroVironment debuted the Qube at Firehouse World in San Diego.
The Qube is a 5 1/2-pound, four-rotor drone that can be used to monitor Hazmat incidents, search and rescues and both wildland and structure fires, the company says.
Kristen Helsel, director of business development for AeroVironment's public safety division, said that while the Qube has been in development for a while, the company has only actively been selling it for the past couple of months.
AeroVironment has specialized in creating drones for the military and Helsel said the company has supplied that sector with more than 20,000 units.
Makes me wonder how many of these drones have been sold to the cops, FBI and other state and federal agencies to spy on U.S. citizens?

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