Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Tradition Biting The Dust

I have to admit, as a former firefighter, this is kind of embarrassing.
From The alarm sounds. Firefighters jump from their bunks, pull up their boot straps, and sprint toward the station's fire slide?
These days, not every fire station comes with the iconic brass pole. Many fire departments across the USA have or are opting instead to install a slide, either of the plastic looping variety or the traditional steel playground-style.
Sometimes it's for safety or insurance purposes, and sometimes it just suits the station better.
In Ocean City, Md., volunteer fire company president Cliff Christello said they're weighing the possibility of installing a slide at their new firehouse, which is still on the drawing board. He said because their insurer balked, they won't be installing a pole.
Christello said the potential injuries a firefighter faces when up against a 20-foot drop aren't minor. A knee or ankle could sustain real damage by coming to an abrupt stop at the end.
"And to be honest with you, the national trend is doing away from them (poles), because of insurance reasons. Because they've done this study, and they've said a€Â" these guys are spraining their ankles, and everything else on the pole," he said.
Given the choice between taking the stairs or a slide, I'd probably take the stairs.
But if the fire departments want to get rid of the fire pole, I am sure some Las Vegas Strip club will buy them.

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