Sunday, February 4, 2018

I Call BS

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel run a sob story about an illegal Mexican alien who got deported from the U.S. back to Mexico and I call BS on the story.
From jsonline:  Standing outside his new home sloped on a bumpy street, Jorge Garcia turns his head and gazes down the block of a working-class city about an hour west of Mexico City....
Two weeks earlier, Garcia was deported from Michigan to Mexico after living in the U.S. for 30 years, forced to leave behind his family, friends, and a solid job in landscaping.  Now, the married father of two finds himself alone in an unfamiliar country, with an uncertain future...
After the Free Press reported on his deportation on Jan. 15, Garcia became a symbol for immigrant advocates who say his removal is an example of the government's overzealous crackdown on illegal immigrants. He was only 10 years old when an aunt brought him to the U.S. without authorization. Now 39, he had lived his entire adult life in the U.S. before his removal.
Garcia has no criminal record, but the U.S. now says that anyone without legal status can be removed. ICE has defended his deportation....
Since 2005, the Garcias have been fighting for Jorge to obtain legal status, spending more than $100,000 on attorneys and  fees. The couple says that one of their previous attorneys had filed the wrong paperwork and Jorge was ordered removed in 2009, but he was repeatedly allowed stays of deportation until November 2017.
I am sure it's not easy for Mr. Garcia.
But let's see now, he wasted 29 years by not getting citizenship.
And he paid lawyers $100,000 to get some kind of legal status.
I call BS.
My ex-wife came to the U.S. legally and we got her citizenship legally within 3 years and we paid a lawyer $5000 to process the paperwork.
If he paid $100,000 to a lawyer there was something very serious with his application that he, his family and/or the newspaper is not telling us, especially since he was married to a U.S. citizen with kids.
The problem with these so called Dreamers that want amnesty without going through the proper process of getting citizenship.  I have no problem if these Dreamers have made an effort to get citizenship by filling out the paperwork, sitting down for the interviewso and paying the fees.
But most of the Dreamers don't want to do this.
So, no amnesty for Dreamers and deport them and their parents if they refuse to even try to get legal citizenship, just like the millions before them who did follow the correct process.

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