Monday, February 5, 2018

The Future Of Las Vegas?

From The Cape Argus, Cape Town South Africa: Cape Town has managed to reduce its collective daily consumption of water to 547 million litres, still 97 million litres more than the Level 6b restrictions target of 450 million litres, but enough to stave off the dreaded Day Zero.
Day Zero is when most of the taps in the city would be shut off in a bid to conserve the bare minimum amount of water in the Mother City's dwindling supply dams.
Day Zero has been moved further back to mid-May 2018.
Prior to the anouncement by the City of Cape Town, there were just 71 days remaining on the countdown.
"Day Zero, the day we may have to start queueing for water, is expected to move out to mid-May 2018 due to a decline in agricultural usage," deputy mayor Ian Nielson said.
"But Capetonians must continue reducing consumption if we are to avoid Day Zero. There has not been any significant decline in urban usage. All Capetonians must therefore continue to use no more than 50 litres per person per day to help stretch our dwindling supplies."  
Las Vegas gets its water from Lake Mead, a large lake fed by the Colorado River and is by the Hoover Damond.
And Lake Mead is running out of water due to the drought, mismanagement and the increase of the population in the Las Vegas valley.
Las Vegas continues to build large apartment complexes, housing communities and businesses.  In addition, the Clark County and Las Vegas governmentshould encourage illegal aliens to move to Las Vegas and the Vegas has one of the highest numbers of illegals living in the Valley than almost any other area in the country.
Some estimates suggest Vegas could be out of water by 2036.  
So, Vegas, keep an eye on Cape Town, it's your future.

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