Friday, February 2, 2018

More Misconduct By The Department of "Justice?"

Today we learned that the U.S. Justice department was anti-Trump.  Just shocking, I tell you.
But really it's not that surprising and as usual, the talking heads are missing the bigger picture.
The DOJ has been found guilty or just screwing other conservatives under the Obama administration.
Just recently, Clive Bundy and family in Las Vegas, had their charges dropped due misconduct.  The Bundys were on trial for protesting the Feds taking their cows and an armed standoff occurred.  But because of the Fed's Misconduct the judge dropped the charges.
And there are other cases out there where the Obama DOJ harassed conservativestalwarts and ignored wrong doing by liberals and misconduct in the Obama administration.
This memo today just confirms that President Obama was the most corrupt president ever.

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