Friday, September 1, 2017

Food For Thought

From a post on Facebook:
Am I the only one who is tired of being blamedfor shit that didn't even happen in my lifetime? Just because I'm white? I also have Germans in my family tree. Why not blame me for the Holocaust. I have English and Irish in me too and they hated each other for years so I guess that cancels it out. Does racism still exist? Sadly, yes. Because of ignorance. Or sometimes just stupid, blind hate. But if you are blaming or hating me cuz I am white? That makes you a racist. Racism isn't special for any one race. People hate Jews. Some men hate women. Some women hate men. The Catholics and Protestants killed each other over "faith".
 It's not what God wants for us. We are all his children. He must be so proud of his children...that's sarcasm. Before you start planning your angry response to this...I love most everyone. I have a problem with greedy, selfish, narcissistic people. I don't like liars or cheaters. I stay away from them. And when I have to deal with them I remind myself that if Christ didn't judge the sinners..who am I to make that call. God will sort it out when it's their time.

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