Monday, September 4, 2017

Umm, YesThey Do

Story 1 from the NY Post:  veteran FDNY captain threw water on the notion that the job of New York’s Bravest is dangerj b-dayous, insisting in a pitch to potential minority recruits that firefighters “do not run into burning buildings.”
Capt. Paul Washington, who launched a landmark racial-discrimination lawsuit against the city, is now getting heat for his “ridiculous” and “insulting” comments last March to a group of young people at Borough of Manhattan Community College.
“Everyone’s afraid — they think they’re going to get hurt or killed,” Washington said in his presentation. “We do not run into burning buildings. We do not run into burning buildings.”
His audience laughed.
Washington explained: “You see a fire, you see smoke coming out of the window. The whole building is not on fire, all right? There’s one apartment in that building that’s on fire. In fact, there’s probably one room in that one apartment that’s on fire.”
And this from the NY Daily News:  A desperate Queens mom climbed halfway out of her window, then steeled herself to do the unthinkable — and the unavoidable — drop her baby from the third floor of a burning building, officials said...
Hayden and Lt. Joe Costa of Ladder 137 saw a pregnant woman holding an infant standing behind the mom straddling the window sill. They dashed up the stairs straight to the third floor, where the smoke was thick and black.
I“When I opened the door to her apartment, I heard the scream to my right,” Costa said. “There was zero visibility.”Hayden and Costa each grabbed a baby and raced from the inferno, along with the two terrified moms. hIttp://
Captain Washington is a moron and Hayden and LaCosta are heroes.  Good thing Washington wasn't on that call.

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