Wednesday, September 27, 2017

So, Now We Are Being Lectured By Uneducated Thugs?

So, a bunch of uneducated thug football players are lecturing us while the disrespect the U.S. fl as good and national anthem.
If you listen to most of these football players who are kneeling, most cannot put together a coherent sentence.  And they think they know what is going on in the real world?
Most of these NFL players protesting went to fake classes, took fake tests and have degrees in advanced basket weaving.
Yes, most are smart when it comes to football, they know how to read plays and follow directions from the coaches but few are rarely knowledgeable about any thing else. These players are so stupid that they have agents, accountants and other posse members who leach off these failure football players, many who will be broke 10 years after leaving football despite making more money than the average lottery winner.
So, I really don't care if these uneducated fools kneel during the national anthem. With their collective IQ equal to your average potato, they don't impress me whatsoever.
If they want to kneel, who cares? I'll just watch NASCAR for the rest of their season and then and go watch paint dry...that would be more exciting that watching a bunch of uneducated thugs kneel for 2 minutes.

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