Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Maybe God Is Telling Me Something?

About 6 months ago we shut down our cable due finances.  Since we live in a rural area we could not get over the air TV either.
Now, the family is doing better we ordered cable, internet and wifi from Suddenlink.
And this how the installation has gone:
On Friday the man came out but we had storms in the area but we felt the storms were far enough away. Nope, wrong conclusion. As soon as the guy touched the ladder a bolt of lightening struck across the street, about 100 feet away.  So much for installation because it stormed all night and we had worse flooding than most of Florida during their hurricane.
So, the next available time was Tuesday.
The Suddenlink truck pulled and out waddled a man who was quite fat. The guy was so out of shape he got very winded just walking to the back of the house and he could barely climb 4 small stairs to inside. He was in distress and I had asked him several times if he was ok.  After about 20 minutes the guy just walked off the job.
Needless to say, we were pissed.  We called Suddenlink and the man's supervisor and he gave 1 excuse to Suddenlink and a different excuse to his supervisor.  Suddenlink also promised to send someone out laterin the day but no one showed up and no phone to tell us no one was coming.
Suddenlink is supposed to come at 8 tomorrow, which sucks for those work the night shift.
So, with all these issues, is someone trying to tell us something...maybe we don't need TV?  I certainly don't miss the news shows and I enjoyed reading about 100 books from the library.
If Suddenlink screws up again, screw them and we will get service elsewhere.

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