Friday, March 2, 2018

Great Moments In Education

You think the problem is having the State of West Virgina dictate the salaries of teachers instead of the local school districts as West Virginia schools have been shut down by a teachers strike for the 7th day.
From the NY Times:  A statewide teacher strike in West Virginia entered its seventh day on Friday, with teachers defying efforts by the state’s governor and union leaders to end the walkout with a deal to raise pay.
Earlier this week, James C. Justice, the governor, announced a plan to raise teachers’ salaries by 5 percent, and state union leaders said teachers would return to work on Thursday. But teachers across the state have refused, saying they will not return until the State Legislature completes the deal, and counties across the state have kept schools closed.
Wearing red T-shirts, often emblazoned with the names of their counties, the teachers filled the chambers of the State Senate on Friday morning and filled the hallways and rotunda of the Capitol, chanting, “We’re not leaving.”
“At this point everybody’s still prepared to be out for the long haul,” said Julie Alderman, 35, a first-grade teacher in Logan County, in the state’s southern section, who was waiting for a babysitter to arrive so she could head to Charleston, the capital. “We’re starting to kind of say, ‘Wow, this really may last a while.’”
Politically, this may have an impact on the WV Senate race where you have moderate/liberal sitting senator going for re-election going against a Republican, and the GOP will be blamed for the strike.

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