Monday, March 5, 2018

This Is Cool

From the Daily Mail, UK: The son of a Sainsbury's worker diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago has revealed in an 'uplifting' post on social media how the supermarket giant fought to keep her job open and handled her condition with 'compassion, class and dignity'....
Doron says the supermarket has helped to 'normalise' his mother's life over the last few years as her illness has deteriorated, giving her self-worth when 'she was quite literally losing everything she once was'...
The tweets posted over the weekend tell the story of how the 61-year-old, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her early fifties, has now served her last day working in the store after five years of employment, where she started shortly before her diagnosis.
After being forced to give up her career as a bookkeeper as the illness took hold, Doron's mother applied for and got a job picking in-store for online deliveries in 2012.
When the store was made aware of an official diagnosis less than a year later, Doron reveals his family expected his mother to be told she couldn't be employed.
However, he explains that Sainsbury's instead did everything they could to ensure she stayed working at the store.
He writes that the company 'offered regular re-training; changed her hours; had regular welfare meetings with her and my dad; ensured her colleagues were aware of her condition so they were able to help her.' 
I suspect there are other businesses who do this but don't get the recognition.

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