Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Payback Is A B******

Today and pretty much the last week, Facebook has been under a ton of scrutiny for privacy issues and President Trump has also jumped in and has gone after Facebook.
Perhaps an article I wrote on August 4, 2016 may shed  some light as to why Trump is involved:
Exclusive: Facebook Censoring Donald Trump Videos

First you have Google in bed with Hillary Clinton making little lie babies. Now, Facebook is apparently is also in Hillary's bed, making it a ménage à trois. Facebook is censoring Donald Trump videos that rip Hillary Clinton and her e-mail scandals. In the video of Hillary defending herself in the e-mail scandal (shown in the post below this one)and her claims being destroyed by Rep. Trey Gowdy and the FBI director, you can't see that video and the message says: "Something Went Wrong Sorry we're having problems playing this video" and of course, you can't watch the video.

Same with another video and the same concept and you get the censorship message....

I sampled probably 25 videos and found that 11 videos could not be played, and the rest did play.  So, clearly, it's not a computer problem.

So, once again, a liberal web site, run by an extreme liberal is trying to rig the election.

And the liberals complain that Trump is inviting Russia to meddle in our election.  Well, what about U.S. tech companies trying to rig the election?  Where are the democrats condemning Google and Facebook?

Update: I went to the Hillary Clinton Facebook page and lo and behold, not one of about 20 videos on her Facebook video page were censured.

There is no doubt that Facebook is censuring Trump by knocking off the videos from his Facebook page but allowing all of Hillary's videos.

I wonder if this counts as in-kind services?

Payback can be a bitch sometimes. 

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