Saturday, March 3, 2018

Illegal Alien To Prison For Life

Another reason to increase deportations.
From the Elko NV Daily Free Press: 
Jose de Jesus Segundo-Huizar was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Friday for the 2016 murder and decapitation of Carmen Magallanes-Sanchez.
Segundo-Huizar, 48, pleaded no contest Nov. 27 in Elko District Court to first degree murder, a category A felony, for killing Magallanes-Sanchez in her Ryndon home on Aug. 24, 2016....
The incident began with an argument between Magallanes-Sanchez and Segundo-Huizar. She first hit Segundo-Huizar and then she was struck by the defendant, hitting her head on a sink and falling to the floor. The defendant bludgeoned the victim with a hammer and transported the body 30 miles north on Mountain City Highway. He buried the body less than one mile off of the highway.
In Segundo-Huizar’s confession, he told police he “had thoughts of Carmen sitting up in the grave and screaming for help, so he went back to his van, retrieved a knife, cut Carmen’s throat, and then cut Carmen’s head off.” He drove to another spot and buried the head....
Segundo-Huizar, who has been in custody at the Elko County Jail since his arrest Oct. 3, 2016, admitted at his arraignment in November that he is not a United States citizen.

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