Monday, March 12, 2018

Those Silly Kiwis

From The Stuff, Christchurch, New Zealand: 
Authorities have spent a year and almost $30,000 investigating the curious case of a tasered goat.
Oamaru police were called to deal with the feral goat after a small dog cornered it in someone's garage on December 1, 2016.
"Unfortunately it was pretty stressed out and quite unco-operative, so I tased it," Oamaru Senior Constable Carl Pedersen told Stuff at the time.
Pedersen said the goat, with its large horns, had damaged the garage and there were concerns it would escape back onto State Highway 1 and endanger motorists, as it had earlier in the day, evading animal control officers.
The goat was later euthanised.
That incident has sparked a 14-month Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) investigation, at a cost of $28,303.56.
Here, in the U.S., the cops would try and get the goat out of the garage, and if they failed, there would be goat burgers for someone.  And there would not be a 14 month investigation at a cost of $28,000+.
Silly New Zealander's.

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