Friday, August 11, 2017

Good News For Wisconsin

From jsonline, Milwaukee: The ceremonies are over and the land rush is in full stride as southeastern Wisconsin braces for the entry of Foxconn Technology Group.
Thursday at the Milwaukee Art Museum was all about pomp and circumstance as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a memorandum of agreement with Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou.
"This is something that will say to the world, 'We have arrived,' " Walker told civic leaders gathered in the museum's Windhover Hall overlooking Lake Michigan.
Walker said Foxconn and Gou chose Wisconsin "because we're ready. We got our act together."
Gou told the audience: "This is our home, my home, Wisconsin."
Gou saluted Wisconsin leaders for trying hard to make the deal and singled out Walker for his tireless work in landing the firm.
"I have never seen this kind of governor or leader, yet in this world," he said.
Final details have to be ironed out in this colossal deal, with Foxconn planning to invest $10 billion in a display panel plant in southeastern Wisconsin.
Foxconn could employ up to 13,000 workers, and draw up to $3 billion in subsidiesfrom state taxpayers over 15 years. It would initially employ 3,000 workers making an average of $53,900 a year plus benefits.
But all that investment needs land.
If Foxconn moves forward it would assemble a huge site by paying likely tens of thousands of dollars an acre for farm land that typically sells for much less.
But such price inflation isn't unusual when a big development is brewing.
Two people who own land in one of the potential Foxconn development sites have told the Journal Sentinel that they are being offered $50,000 an acre for their properties, which are mainly farm land.
Some unsolicited advice on where to build the plant: Don't build in Milwaukee or Dane County (where Madison is located) in Wisconsin.
The liberals in those counties will eat Foxconn alive with all their demands such as who to employ and how much to pay the employees, theft through taxes and regulations, regulations aimed only at this company and a little kickback money to line the liberal's pockets.
Congratulations to Gov. Scott Walker and his team and also to President Trump who probably had a hand in helping the company to build in Wisconsin.

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