Sunday, August 20, 2017

Time To Get Rid Of Jeff the Flake

In Arizona, we have at least 3 embarrassing congressman:
Paul Gosar who had the nerve to have a political commercial run during a memorial service for K-9 Amigo, a police dog who died in the line of duty. (
John McCain who is a cranky old bastard that loves war and hates conservatives.
And Jeff Flakes who pretends he is conservative to get elected but in reality is anti-conservative and a President Trump hater.
I can't do anything  about the first 2 idiots but Jeff Flakes is up for reelection and he has a true conservative as a primary opponent. 
From the Kingman Daily Miner: Emboldened this week by the endorsement of President Donald Trump, Kelli Ward had strong words for first-term U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake.
Ward announced her intention to challenge Flake in 2018, most recently criticizing the senator’s opposition to Trump policies, including the rejection of Muslim immigrants into the U.S. and the president’s policies on border issues.
According to Ward, her 2018 opponent has offered only obstruction to Trump’s goals and a half-hearted effort to serve the conservative interests of Arizonans.
“He’s weak on immigration,” Ward said. “He’s weak on the border. He wants to reward people who are here illegally, and continue his ‘Gang of Eight’ policy of amnesty. I think it’s appalling that one-fifteenth of the people who immigrate to the U.S. come without work skills. Flake has excused gang members, prostitutes and even people who have previously been deported. We need law and order. We need to stop the madness on our border, and Flake is too weak to do that.”
Trump on Thursday extended his support to Ward via Twitter: “Great to see that Dr. Kelli Ward is running against Flake. Jeff Flake, who is WEAK on borders, crime and a non-factor in Senate. He’s toxic!”
Dr. Kelli Ward is a great conservative who fits Arizona conservative state University like Flake who is more in line with New York liberals. Flake just wants to get along with the liberal press while Ward would rather take them on.  She has more balls than Flake will ever have.
Go Dr. Kelli Ward.

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