Sunday, August 13, 2017

Liberals To Blame For Charolettesville Violence

Once again, liberals resort to violence and this time one of their own paid the price, along with 2 Virginia state troopers who died when their helicopter crashed and burned.
From the Washington Post:
Chaos and violence turned to tragedy Saturday as hundreds of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members — planning to stage what they described as their largest rally in decades to “take America back” — clashed with counterprotesters in the streets and a car plowed into crowds, leaving one person dead and 19 others injured.
Hours later, two state police officers died when their helicopter crashed at the outskirts of town. Officials identified them as Berke M.M. Bates of Quinton, Va., who was the pilot, and H. Jay Cullen of Midlothian, Va., who was a passenger. State police said their Bell 407 helicopter was assisting with the unrest in Charlottesville. Bates died one day before his 41st birthday; Cullen was 48.....
They were met by counterprotesters at the base of a statue of Thomas Jefferson, who founded the university. One counterprotester apparently deployed a chemical spray, which sent about a dozen rallygoers seeking medical assistance.On Saturday morning, people in combat gear — some wearing bicycle and motorcycle helmets and carrying clubs, sticks and makeshift shields — fought one another on downtown streets, with little apparent police interference. Both sides sprayed chemical irritants and hurled plastic bottles through the air.
A large contingent of Charlottesville police officers and Virginia State Police troopers in riot gear were stationed on side streets and at nearby barricades but did nothing to break up the melee until about 11:40 a.m. Using megaphones, police then declared an unlawful assembly and gave a five-minute warning to leave Emancipation Park.
What the Post refused to write is that some left wing thug threw a rock at the car just before the thug driving it ran over people.  From pictures, it looked like the rock went through the windshield opening up a self defense claim.
The racist thugs had a permit to march and the thug liberals including the dead lady didn't want them to rally.  So, to counteract the nazi thugs, the left wing thugs resorted to violence, which they have been known to frequently to.  Included in the left wing thug groups was the nazi equivalent was the terrorist group of black lives dont matter.
And the cops from the liberal city of Charolettesville let the violence get out of hand, which cops do in liberal cities.  When libral terrorists rally, like the terrorist group black lives don't matter, the cops will do everything to protect them, to the point of dying like in Dallas.  But when right wing thugs want to protest in liberal cities, the cops do very little to protect them.
What if the liberal thugs didn't show up, along with media who were also fanning the flames?  Nothing would have been done, the nazi thugs wouldn’t have had an audience and no one would have cared.  The nazi thugs would have gone back to their hole in the ground not to be heard from again.
You think Martin Luther King would have resorted in violence like the leftist thugs engaged in?  I doubt it.  Even the despicable Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson wouldn't.
I have no sympathy for the lady who died.  she should not have gone or surrounded herself with left wing thugs.  That's a Darwin award nominee move.
I do feel sorry for the 2 troopers and their family and friends who died doing their jobs dealing with thugs from both sides.
When you have racists and thugs on both sides, who in their right mind thing nothing bad will happen?

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