Saturday, August 5, 2017

Washington 7 Months In Review

So, almost 7 months have passed since President Trump took over the presidency from the failed Obama presidency.
From my perspective, President Trump has been doing a fantastic job policy wise.  Politically, he is a novice and says and does some stupid things.  But he is a very smart man and he beats down the democrats and the media so much that the v Democrats and media act like fools.
The GOP congress are pathetic who get very little done.
The Democrats are even worse.  They contribute nothing except to add to global warming every time they breathe or open their mouths.
The media has shown that they hate America and will say anything to get viewers, listeners and readers. The media is worse than Hitler's propaganda machine.   They put out lies that put people in danger and they don't care if someone gets hurt or killed because of the stories they write or talk about.  There many liberals who act violently towards anybody they disagree with.
Meanwhile the economy is growing at a very fast pace and more people are working as companies are hiring because they have fewer regulations to deal with and those who have hired illegal aliens are now forced to hire people who are legally entitled to work in the U.S..
You don't have to watch the news about politics because nothing much is happening that is of consequence.

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