Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pawn Stars/Chumlee Stupid And Potentially Dangerous Mistake

Last night on Pawn stars, as the story line goes, was training a new employee, Olivia, to work the night shift.  The story line then had an elderly man come to the walk up window trying to pawn/sell a Rolex watch at 4:00 in the morning.  Because of the amount of money involved, Chumlee invited the older man into the shop, at 4:00 AM to do business.  They said the Rolex was real and then they called Rick to finish the deal because of the amount of money involved.
Kind of a stupid segment and I know the story is fake but the ramifications could be dangerous.
You never allow anyone into a pawn shop at night, especially without security.  You don't know if the guy was armed or had a gang waiting outside to rush the store.  This would be a great opportunity to rob the shop and possibly worse, hurting or killing the employees.
Well, why is this dangerous you ask?  It's just a show a stupid segment, correct?
Las Vegas has several 24 hour pawn shops, especially in the downtown area around Fremont St. and in other parts of the Valley.  Now, some gang or idiot will think that if you go to a pawn shop that is open 24 hours, all they have to do is bring an expensive looking item to the shop and they may let you inside the store.  They may try this at the Gold and Silver Shop, where Pawn stars is shot at or at any of the other 24 hour pawn shops.  When they are denied entrance, they may force their way in.  At the very least, there are going to be people who think you can pawn expensive stuff late at night and be invited into the store and when turned away, they'll be pissed.  I am sure Gold and Silver's competitor's are not saying very nice things about this segment.
And if Gold and Silver do let people in the shop after the main shop is closed and the window is open, then they just gave away a major security secret.  But I don't think they are that stupid, but they certainly were stupid to air this segment.
There are a lot of things to easily rob at the shop, if they can get into Gold and Silver.  They have the cash and all the jewelry, coins and other valuable items in the store, so they cannot afford to have people in the store after the main store is closed and the window is open.
So, is it a big deal that Pawn stars aired this segment, probably not, but was it the smart thing to do?  Again, no.


  1. It's a television show! You are a dolt!

  2. Great article!Chumlee is a very expensive sexual harassment suit waiting to happen.Mark my words!Peace Out...

  3. Most useless article I read in 6 months.

  4. nah, I'm seeing a segment in the growth stage here. I'm sure an exec proably wanted a female on the show for balance.
    as for the security for this, these shows and yes, this particular pawner was proably pre-screened before the segment was even shot. This was not a random walk=in from the street, no more than the latest segment of Chum-lee smashing the box with the vase inside. (did anyone ever note the fact that no one ever actually saw the vase?)
    As Olivia, this is a new character for the show. This show, while techincally a reality show, is actually scripted to a degree and pre-planned. Olivia is just the new character on the show.

  5. Wow do you also write blogs trying to help Gilligan get off the island? It's a tv show you moron. Nothing you see.on the tv is real, especially reality tv.

  6. It may be a TV show, but there trade secrets, like not letting people in a pawn shop at night that should not be put out there for the sake of the other pawn shops in Las Vegas.
    And the other thing that Rick exposed is that he carries a gun while at work. What happens if other pawn shop employees don't, but robbers think they do- the robbers might shoot first and injure of kill the employee when they rob the place.
    They were just plain stupid.

  7. Sounds to me like you're the stupid one....even if the show wasn't staged, by should they care about how it affects their competition? As far as having weapons....I'm pretty sure people are less likely to rob someone if they have a gun...or even just assume they have one. This was the dumbest article I've read in a very long time. Who are you to criticize the way someone else does business? Seems to me like this article is a great indicator of your intelligence....or lack thereof.