Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dallas Massacre: Update

From the Fox News:  Dallas Police confirmed shortly before midnight local time that both suspects in the murder of four police officers were in custody, with one of the suspects captured after a shootout with SWAT members. A suspicious package discovered near that suspect's location was being secured by bomb squad members.
Dallas Police Chief David Brown confirmed the four fatalities — three Dallas officers and one transit officer — and said seven other officers and one civilian were wounded in the shooting. Three of the injured officers reportedly were in critical condition and two others were in surgery.
Dallas' public transit agency, DART, confirmed on Twitter that one of its officers was shot and killed, while three of its officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Brown said the shooters positioned themselves in two parking garages in downtown Dallas and "planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could."
"It's a heartbreaking moment for the city of Dallas," Mayor Mike Rawlings said. "I ask everybody focus on one thing right now, and that is Dallas police officers, their families, those that are deceased [and] those that are in the hospital fighting for their lives."
This is a sad day in the united States and this is a terrorist attack by black thugs, with support by black lives don't matter.
And the #1 person responsible for this is President Obama.
And there is a very good possibility that this is a muslim terrorist attack.
Update: Another officer has died, bringing the number of officers killed. This is the largest loss of life of police officers in 1 incident since 9/11.

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