Friday, July 8, 2016

Thoughts About The Dallas Shootings

Here are some random thoughts on the Dallas police shootings that killed 5 officers and injured 6 others.
1. The shoters had to be some excellent shooters.  They only hit 1 civillian and they also were shooting moving targets.  They also were shooting the officers from a distance. Your average gangbanger or hunter is not that good a shot.
2. The shooters had to have some good organization skills to plan and carry out the attack.  They also had the poise to carry out the attack.
3. The cops arrested a female fairly quickly after the shootings but yet another attacker killed himself before the cops got him. To me, it seems they want the female to spread their message while the dead thug didn't want to give himself up.
4. Ramadan just ended 2 days earlier and the world has seen several muslim terrorist attacks during ramadan.
5. It is now about 10 hours after the shootings and we still have no clue who or what group is responsible for the murders, which is quite unusual.
So, my guess is that these murders will eventually be shown to be a muslim terrorist attack.

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