Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Mind Of A Sick Liberal

There are some very sick liberals, like Jason Silverman of the NY Daily News:
Donald Trump is now taking his campaign ads straight from neo-Nazi trolls.
A controversial anti-Clinton image Trump tweeted Saturday — featuring a Star of David over a pile of money — apparently came from an extreme right-wing board on 8Chan, a free-for-all id of the internet.
The board, /pol/ (short for “Politically Incorrect”), used the Clinton-bashing image nearly two weeks before Trump tweeted it to his 9.4 million followers. The image shows Hillary Clinton next to a Star of David, with the phrase “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” inside it — with hundred-dollar bills in the background.
As Mic pointed out, the image seemed to first emerge in a now-deleted (but archived) /pol/ thread from June 22. The same thread featured images calling Jews “k---s” and mocking their appearance, labeling former President Bill Clinton as a rapist and depicting refugees as head-cutting terrorists. One message from the thread said, “I would of hate f---ed the s--- out of Hilary when she was younger” (sic).
This is also the same star shape from sheriff badges and gun toy rifles, like the toy pictured above.
So, for Silverman and his fellow bigots/liberals, you are just some sick bastards out there that you will mess with holocaust victims with your politics.
Donald Trump tweets an anti-Hillary Clinton image on his account with a Star of David next to her face — before replacing it with a circle.

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  1. Nope. Nope. On this one, you're just not seeing it, Dan. First of all, the original drawing's origins are from a white supremacist site, so we know now it wasn't likely a random shape or sheriff's star. However. . .

    As a graphic artist, I can tell you, you KNOW when you use a starburst that looks like something else. You know when you use an equilateral six-pointed star, and put it on a stack of money, it's going to get a reaction. This is like drawing an obvious cross, and claiming it was just a lower-case T. If the star had some flare, warp or twist to it, or was off-center, random or curved? Different story, perhaps. This would have to be a thick-headed artist not to see the potential firestorm. And a thicker-headed campaign to tweet it out to the world.