Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This Is Just Sick

From the LVRJ and Doug Elfman:
The other day, I told you about the guy who married his mobile phone at the Little Vegas Chapel. He’s the husband. The phone is the wife.
I just found out a woman married herself at that same chapel on the same day.
Mike Kelley, who runs the chapel, says the phone-marrying guy was the first person who has married an inanimate object there.
But that same day, a woman married herself in a private ceremony. She was the only attendee. She was very sincere about the whole thing.
If this were the 1990s, you would expect Kelley’s day at the chapel to be turned into a little romcom movie. But that can’t happen in 2016 without superheroes or flying sharks.
OK, who thought marrying a cell phone is constitutional right or legal?
Hell, if that is the case, then I want to marry my elementary school sweatheart... when she was 6th grade.  Yeah, Trudy

Bonnie Temple, I'm looking at you.

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  1. These kinds of things aren't legal or anything beyond a tabloid curiosity, and have been happening for a loooong time. There was a lady who married a tree. A lady who married a bridge. They popped up in Weekly World News when I was a kid.