Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sad Situation

I used to be a volunteer firefighter in North Dakota, Wisconsin and Montana and this case frightens me.
From Fire Rescue 1:   Wharton County volunteer firefighter Adraylle Watson was injured on a call last week; but the department’s lack of medical insurance has left him and his family struggling. 
Watson has been hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning for more than a week after responding to a fire last week. 
“Upon going up, we were instructed we didn’t need no breathing apparatus on, that the fire was pretty much out,” Watson told FOX. The last thing he remembers is running out of breath and leaving the incident. 
The Glen Flora Fire Department cancelled their extra insurance policy in 2014 due to budget concerns; which has left Watson without medical insurance coverage for his injuries and loss of income from not being able to report to his full-time job. 
“Not once were we ever informed, even when we got on the truck and made the few miles trip from Glen Flora to Wharton … we were not ever instructed that there was no insurance for us,” Watson said. 
“You can’t make money laying down, so it’s put a strain on me and my family, physically and emotionally."
When you are a volunteer firefighter, you expect to be covered by Workman's Comp. insurance and if the fire department cancel's it, the fire fighters need to be aware of this.
Prayers for firefighter Adraylle Watson, you truly are a hero.

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